SHIFTVIEW architecture
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Recycling: funtional restructuring of buildings(from industrial uses to company offices)
Recycling: refurbishment area of pre-existing buildings to other uses
Recycling: conversion of pre-existing buildings to work centers and offices
Conceptual design for the conversion from a factory
Recycling: conversion of existing residencial building to hotel

Ibercom Offices C.T.M Ventas
C.T.M. Villaverde
Parking in Pre-existing Building
Urbis Delegación Centro Offices
Renta Corporacón Rental Offices
Atención Telefónica 1003 Offices
TPI Páginas Amarillas Offices
Telefónica Security Engineering Offices
Telefónica de España Headquarters
Factory Conversion into 281 Dwellings
Conversion of existing residential building to Hotel