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Panzhihua Bianzhi Dong Party and Government Offices 攀枝花东区党政机关办公楼
This building, begin an important party and government offices,  should show somehow the cultural roots and tradition of the area, as well as the solemnity, seriousness and affinity of the rational authority of the government.
The rational authority of the government is reflected with the solemnity of the main façade symmetry, the alignment with the pedestrian avenue axis and the use of the national color places like the auditorium block and the walls of the middle levels hole. The design also takes advantage of the topography. We propose to set the building mid hill, gently leaning on the surrounding mounds. The idea is to minimize the environmental impact and high costs of digging deep, and at the same time increasing the impressive appearance of the building.
一个党政机关的建筑,应该要体现出当地的文化和传统底蕴,同时,它也代表着政府庄严、亲和、严谨而又权威的正义形象。建筑正面的对称线和人行大 道形成了一个对轴,而当地政府的理性权威也借此以及墙体所采用的中国红和中间部位的水平孔得以显示。这个设计同时也充分的利用了当地的地形优势。