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Shiftview has taken part al ECOZERO project´s symposium, organized by Tecnalia and Biodiversity Foundation. The principal aim of the ECOCERO project is to promote the transition in the strategies of the companies and entrepreneurs business. The several symposiums have been named ECOZERO INNOVA!, ECOZERO INNOVA&EMPRENDE! and ECOZERO EMPRENDE!, and have been celebrated en the 4th, 13th and 26th June in Madrid, in the headquarters of the Chamber. Our creative spirit is open to the great opportunity that supposes the challenge of doing our cities and buildings more sustainable, and this is why that these symposiums have supposed a view to the oportunity in ecoinnovation design.


视威建筑参加了由Tecnalia and Biodiversity基金会主办的ECOZERO项目专题研讨会。ECOZERO项目的宗旨是促进企业家们和各公司之间的战略交流。几个研讨会分别命名为ECOZERO INNOVA!、ECOZERO INNOVA&EMPRENDE!和ECOZERO EMPRENDE!,并于6月4日、13日以及26日在西班牙马德里的总部得以顺利举行。我们的创新精神让我们勇于面对在对城市进行更具有可持续性的设计时所带来的各项挑战,这也是本次研讨会引领我们走向生态创新设计机遇愿景的原因。